For Sviatoslav Shatokhin, AX and Dynamics 365 F&O Consultant, the choice for at HSO International was quite a rational one. ‘When I compared various international job offers on aspects such as language, company culture and work-life balance, The Netherlands scored best!’ Working on challenging international projects and settling well, he’s still happy with his choice. Below, Sviatoslav tells more about himself and his work.

Sviatoslav, please tell us a bit more about yourself

‘I am originally from Ukraine; I have a wife and two children. We live in Hilversum where my eldest son, who is 5 years old, is now going to school. In Ukraine I have been working as an AX and Dynamics 365 consultant, for more than 16 years. A few years ago, I wanted to explore possible next steps in my career and was aiming for larger and more international projects. I did a project in Iran and in Canada, and after that, HSO International crossed my path.’

What made you choose for HSO International as your new employer?

‘One of my best friends, Konstantin started working for HSO International and he made me enthusiastic to work here. But I also had job offers in Canada and in the USA. So, my wife and I made a list of things we found important in the country where we were going to live, and eventually, the Netherlands ended top of our list. What’s great about Holland is that everyone speaks English. In general, the company culture is pleasant, and the work-life balance is good. When I came for my job interview to Amsterdam, everyone at the office really tried to help me. Helping me to find my way around, asking about my travels. I really appreciated that. In the US and Canada, that was not the case at all.’

Can you tell a bit more about the company culture you found at HSO?

‘Overall, the atmosphere in HSO is very pleasant. It’s not only about work. Your family and personal situation is seen as important too. We pay attention to each other. Since my family and work-life balance is very important to me, I appreciate this a lot. At the first team meeting I attended, the general manager started with talking about personal stuff, how colleagues were doing, instead of the business first. That was kind of a surprise to me, since I was not used to that, but I see it as a positive thing.

Jobwise, did you find the challenges you were looking for?

‘Definitely! I work as a consultant, mainly focussing on production and supply chain. Depending on the project and planning I travel around one or two weeks per month. I really enjoy understanding how the business of our customers works. Of course, the different cultures in the countries where I come can be challenging, but that’s exactly what I like to learn and understand. I also like that with every new project, you learn so much about a customer’s products and technologies, in order to understand their business processes. Over the past years, I have learned everything about things like laser printers but also about compressors and wind turbines, which I find super interesting.’

Any ambitions for the future?

‘At HSO you get a lot of opportunities to learn and develop yourself. In the first place you learn a lot because of the large, high level projects and the international environment we work in. In addition, you can do lots of trainings and courses. Personally, I would like to gain more knowledge in my working field, supply chain management and technology. Other steps might be a role of technical architect or team lead, but for now I am really enjoying my work.’

Would you like to add anything else to convince potential new colleagues to choose HSO International?

‘Well, in my experience, when someone is interested in working for HSO, he or she already knows what he wants and does not need to be persuaded anymore. So, I’d rather help new colleagues to settle and feel welcome at the company, than to convince them to join us.’