Functional consultant and project manager Kateryna Soloviova is eager to learn and develop herself at HSO, professionally as well as personally. Her ambition pays off, since she has made a steep learning curve, from the HSO Masterclass to the level she is working now. In this interview she tells more about her career and why she enjoys her work.

Kateryna, tell us a bit about your start at HSO

‘I am from Ukraine, where I completed my bachelor’s in international economic relations. I did my master studies in Macroeconomics in the Netherlands, at the University of Amsterdam. After an internship at PWC I knew that I wanted to work in consultancy, because I really liked the opportunity this gives you to get to know a lot of different companies, industries and people. At HSO International I started with the Masterclass, a deep dive in Microsoft technology and into IT-consultancy.’

How has your career developed since the Masterclass?

‘After the HSO Masterclass I started my first project as junior consultant. This means that you are a full member of the project team, but you get coaching on the job and support from a senior consultant.  I made progress quickly and became functional consultant in AX and Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. Recently I also took up the role of project manager which I enjoy very much.’

What makes you like your work at HSO International so much?

‘On the one hand it’s all about the dynamics of the job, working on international and challenging projects and travelling a lot. Everywhere you come you must deal with different languages, different cultures and new ways of communicating. Second, I really appreciate the culture of HSO International. The fact that we work with so many different people from different countries and that there is almost no hierarchy. Because the organisation is not very large, you know almost everyone. People are very supportive and willing to help each other.’

And what are the kind of challenges you face in your work?

‘Since HSO International is quite a young company, not everything is fixed in procedures. Sometimes the structure and policies are not completely clear yet, and you must organise things yourself. Also, being one of the younger consultants, some customers tend to take me not very seriously at the beginning. But I have learned that when you come prepared, you know what you must do and say and when you manage your meetings well, their opinion quickly shifts.

In this kind of work, it’s important to realise that in the end, it’s the people who use the system, so a lot of my work is about managing people and their expectations. That can be challenging, but I have learned not to take criticism personally, but focus on a productive collaboration instead. I enjoy the steep learning curve at HSO and the opportunities I get.’

What would be your key arguments for potential new colleagues to come and work for HSO International?

‘First, if you are looking for a great atmosphere, you will find it here. Second, if you want to develop yourself quickly and if you are motivated to take up new and more responsibilities you get all the opportunities and support. Third, we offer complex and challenging projects where the bar is raised high. And last, if you enjoy working with international colleagues and customer, HSO International is the place to be!’

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