Who are you and where are you from?

I am Rishab Khandelwal. I am originally from Bhubaneswar, India but approximately four years ago, I moved to the Netherlands, where I live right now. 

Why did you decide to enter the HSO Young Professionals Program?

As I graduated, I was really interested in both Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and business consultancy and HSO is one of the few companies who have a really international Young Professional Program in the industry. Moreover, this being my first full time job in the corporate world, I really liked how much HSO invests in their young professionals to help them grow.

“Not only did I learn the hard skills required for a Dynamics 365 project but I was also coached to become better speaker and a better leader.”

Figuring out the details

What were your expectations from the Young Professionals Program?

My main expectation from the program was that it would prepare me for a career as business consultant in the world of IT and embark the necessary hard and soft skills required for it. 

To what extend did those expectations turn into reality? Or… Did the program meet your expectations and in what way?

Honestly, the program far exceeded my expectations. Not only did I learn the hard skills required for a Dynamics 365 project but I was also coached on numerous soft skills to become better speaker and a better leader. On a regular base, the mentors of the program had one-on-one-sessions with all the trainees to really understand what specific skills they required to be trained in and the program was tailored according to those specific needs.

How easy or difficult is it to move to the Netherlands?

At first, moving to the Netherlands can feel like a daunting task of adjusting to a new country, culture, and language. Surprisingly though, you will find yourself at home in no time. People and especially colleagues at HSO International are very helpful and everyone knows English so that it provides adequate time to pick up the language. 

Any final words for potential candidates for the program?

You will not be the only one. I believe HSO has ran Young Professional Programs on a continuous base for more than ten years already. There are always many trainees starting the program together with you and hence you’ll never find yourself alone in the journey. Almost always, you’ll be working in a team, so you get to know the other trainees really well, have fun in all the events HSO International organizes for the YPP program and make great friends along the way. I would definitely recommend it as a way to start your career into the corporate world.

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What is the HSO Young Professionals Program?

The purpose of the Young Professionals Program at HSO is to provide ambitious masters graduates a way to discover the possibilities in IT and Business consultancy while giving them a flying start of their career. On our end, we will provide you with classroom training on topics we regard highly relevant. That obviously includes application training but also training on consultancy skills, project methodologies and negotiation handling. We will start with the foundations of Business Applications but offer multiple different specializations. More importantly though, you will quickly be deployed onto customer projects to gain on-the-job experience. Don’t worry too much about that as we have built in mentoring, coaching and feedback sessions throughout the program. Finally, we will put you to the test, through globally recognized Microsoft exams, cross-team projects, and our famous business case. Click here to read all about the program.