Working for several years at HSO International, BI Consultant Céline Rodriguez cannot imagine returning to the working culture she came from. The way of working here is completely different, she explains in this interview. And she likes it! ‘In Spain, you wouldn’t just chat with the general manager of the company. Here? You drink a beer together!’ Read more about Céline’s role and work experience at HSO international.

Céline, can tell us about how you ‘landed’ at HSO International?

‘Before I joined HSO, I worked for a large Microsoft partner in Spain. For about 9 years I worked as an AX Consultant and around 2011 I switched to BI, which was quite a new field back then. In 2014, two of my colleagues had already moved to the Netherlands to work for HSO International, and they invited me to join the company too. At that moment my husband was looking for a new job, so it was a good timing to go for a new adventure. I was the first BI consultant to join HSO International.’

What kind of work and projects do you do?

‘I work as a BI consultant, sometimes in the role of Lead consultant, where I take the functional requirements, write the analysis. Often, I am also responsible for the technical part. BI is usually a relatively small part of a project, so I work closely together with my AX and Dynamics 365 F&O colleagues. Of course, my knowledge of AX then comes in handy. I also work a lot together with the Analytics team in Veenendaal.

I enjoy the role as lead consultant but also more the technical part, writing the algorithms. When I started with BI consultancy, it was very different from now. In BI, technology is rapidly developing, and we see more and more tools for reporting and data warehousing. That makes my work field more complex and challenging. Where I used to be able to do a project alone, we now often split the efforts between colleagues with each more specific expertise. For me this means that I can take up different roles and that I can keep developing myself. At HSO, you never get bored!’

Can you tell a bit more about the culture at HSO International?

‘What I like about HSO is that you have a lot of freedom to choose your own career path. At least once a year you have a chat with your manager about what you want to do, what you want to learn and what skills you want to develop. I like that a lot. My projects have peaks in workload, which means there are also times when it is less busy. I get the opportunity to do research, take courses, learn new things, so I can keep developing my skills.

The board is closely connected to the work floor and they are involved in our well-being. Personally, that means a lot to me. I have a son who needs a lot of extra care, and I have always felt very supported by the company to be able to provide this.’

And how do you compare working for a Spanish company with working in the Netherlands?

‘Working in the Netherlands is completely different from Spain. I could not imagine returning to my ‘old’ way of working. Here I feel more like a human being, instead of a billing machine. Of course, we work hard, but I feel much less pressure. The management works together with us on projects, so they know what’s going on. In my former company, you wouldn’t just have a chat with the general manager. Here, you share a beer on Friday afternoon. The upside of this is that people feel connected and are much more loyal to the company.

When you feel supported you are also much more likely to help each other. When your calendar is full and you are stuffed with projects, you can address this and colleagues will help you to rearrange your agenda and take tasks from you.’

Any other things you would like to mention, nice to know for potential new colleagues?

‘The ambience at HSO International is awesome. We work together with so many different nationalities and you learn a lot from different cultures. You feel valued and worthwhile, which means a lot!’

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